woensdag 1 juni 2011

Akward Penguin

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Android APPS zei

love this penguine
Book of Shadows

Kingmush zei

Love awkward penguin!

Alpha zei

Ugh, hate when that last one happens.

kxxthanxx zei

good ones!

Dave zei

I just love my little penguin friends.

Sunshine zei

funny!! :D

Erika zei

If you don't know an awkward penguin in your social circle, chances are you ARE the awkward penguin.


Oh god, I know how some of these feel.

randomer zei

Poor little awkward penguin.

Magixx zei

penguin wins! :)

chika zei

Love the SAP lol

Johnathan zei

lol, awkward penguin has always reminded me of myself.

Skaerf zei

Im so confused...

Inside Journalism zei

Haha, so funny and so true!

Jay Reid zei

LOL fair enough

Mostaza Algernon zei

Babmagnet made me smile, and I can't stand memes