zondag 6 maart 2011

Hoverhands, interesting technology

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Lush zei

Bahahaha I love the guy in the blue shirt who hasn't even tried to put his arms up.

nekk1 zei

hahahahahah so fkin perfect :D
/subbed :)

Freek zei

These pics always get me. I don't get it. When in doubt, why not just put your hands in your pockets or cross your arms?

Bent zei

Hahaha, hoverhands? That's pathetic! The last guy sort of looks like Justin Bieber.

HurdyG zei

Darn near piss'd myself...

the ratebot zei

The boy in the blue shirt just looks scared!

the ratebot zei

The boy in the blue shirt looks scared!

Jonny zei

#1 is pro. I bet he's not hoverhanding, but using jedi mindtricks on them. ;p

Thatoneguy zei

Nice lookin girls, xD

Adam Weishaupt zei

Haha this is awesome! OMG noes! Girls! =D

ExoticSupercars zei

lol wow

Mybigjimmy zei

haha guy in blue shirt

skinned sheep zei

hahahah thats funny. next time ill take a picture with a hooters girl and look all scared.