zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Informational Week 2

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Freek zei

Saved 'em all. A McGangbang? I never even heard of it but I want to eat it!

amBored zei

yummyyy !

Found on the Internet Today zei

With the McGangbang, I usually do that but with just two mcdoubles with special sauce, take out the top bun of one of them and smash it up into the other one. Instant big mac for $2.

PacoTaco zei

and here i thought mac sauce was just thousand island dressing

The Churn zei

McGangbang is a legit classic.

Anoniem zei

To bad i'm a vegetarian. Looks appetising though

~Fabi zei

Yay, info!


going to save lots of money instead of going to fast food restaurants now! thanks!

JayAnon zei

Mcgangbang oh god.

Jack zei

I made the Big Mac secret Sauce Recipe and it just tasted the same as the real one!

skinned sheep zei

gotta try that big mac sause for sure.

vashrave zei

lawl. nice advices. also...i personally dislike mikky D's. i quit eating there long ago....sooo000ooo greasy

Erick Ramírez zei

I just finished a Jack in the Box burguer xD

Got any recepies for them?

David zei

damn this made me hungry.. time for a mcgangbang

DeadBeef zei

Haha, awesome info graphics dude

zaza zei

mmmmh... :Q____..

flyingtoaster0 zei

ooo i work at mcdonalds:P yet another work secret i know:P

HurdyG zei