donderdag 31 maart 2011

Troll Dad 2

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Wilco zei

funny one

Michael zei

Haha, I love it :D

Touhou~O~Rama zei


LoreBlogger zei

haha these are great

Big Unicorn zei

I think my children think I'm troll dad.

R3tardedm0nkey zei

Haha, will definately do this when I'm a dad :P

Erika zei

hahaha Brilliant. XD

Thatoneguy zei

lmfao. Troll dad is crazy.

Found on the Internet Today zei

Lol the third one was the best.

JapRoulette zei

Hahahaha cool stuff, love it!

Jay.CA zei


Electric Addict zei


NHM zei

the 2nd situation happens too often for me :D


Lmao the 4th picture had me dying XD

Peanutzzz zei

hahaha nice ones!

Lord Phrozen zei

Haha! The artwork is really bad but really funny, can't wait for new ones.

Kboy71 zei

Haha kinda funny seen most of em before tho