zondag 27 maart 2011

Informational Week 4

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What's going on in the world? zei

I wish I had the patience to do these, my minecraft consists of tower building, a lot of it. :P

Insider33 zei

Good tips, but it's my unimaginative brain that prevents me from making anything awesome in Minecraft.

Electric Addict zei

such a creative game

vashrave zei

wows. i want to get into minecrafting but.....my time is spent doing school :[ and being lazy

sildude zei

The last one is pretty useful.

Apollo Clothing zei

GREAT TIPS! I'll be trying these out.

Lehan zei

Awesome tips, trying them right now, thanks a lot.

Thomas Magnussen zei


Pistol Pete zei

I need to upgrade my computer so I can play this properly...

Thatoneguy zei

Love Minecraft. And this blog is slowly helping me actually.

Michelangelo zei

Really good info, keep it up :D

Tyr zei

Hey, got any info on improving the FPS, since the last update my CPU is getting raepd

Mikael zei

Awesome post. I am playing Minecraft at the same time as I read this post.

Glovey zei

Awesome pictures man! Keep up the great blogging!

Byakuya zei

I really want a minecraft account, but I don't have the cash right now =(

I want it soooo badly =3

Followed, incase I actually get it.

Check out my blog sometime:

Screaming Hawk zei

Minecraft!! I haven't played this since the new shader update. Must get back into that.

Jenelle zei

Great tips! I'll be trying these out soon!

Peanutzzz zei

So you can actually build anything in that game?

Big Unicorn zei

Minecraft god damn everywhere!!


christopher zei

nice, i love minecraft :)

kintum zei

great read

George Valentine zei

minecraft is the best! thanks for the tips, cleverer than i