woensdag 30 maart 2011

Smoke weed errrday 2

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Donal zei

Haha perfect stoner pictures :P

Bahb zei

this is great, i enjoy smoking some pot here in holland!

George Valentine zei

lol i don't smoke myself, but i still like stoner jokes. these are gold

doomsday zei

LOL for some reason I have to laugh uncontrolably!

HamBone zei

i smoke from sun up to sun down till my ass is run down.

R3tardedm0nkey zei

Lol, nice pics. Made me laugh!

WizWayne zei

hahahaha good stuff!

Peanutzzz zei

nice comics :D really made me laugh

Tommy zei

These are funny!

Izzy zei

lold hard im followin^^

Nico De zei

yes thank you for these! theres a few i still havent seen, nice. love geometry wars haha.

Frank Null zei

Haha perfect stoner pictures :P

consuela bananahammoc zei

LOL! Good one!

Big Unicorn zei

lol fuuuuck stairs!


Found on the Internet Today zei

The first one is so true.

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

haha. the life of a true stoner

Lemmiwinks zei

great post. following you

Quetopia zei

Good stuff as always!

JapRoulette zei

Hahahaha that's funny

Insider33 zei

Lost it at the Geometry wars picture :D

Jay.CA zei

those comics never get old. :)

JapRoulette zei

So funny!

Mike G zei

Lovin the second one!

BrAd? zei

Haha, Geometry wars = Win

NHM zei

you made my day, thank you! gonna follow you!

Fishy Corporation zei

haha so good, smoke weed everyday! Followed :)

Wayward Disposition zei

Haha, these comics are hilarious.

Mikael zei

Am I the only one who cannot read anything on picture 2 because it's so damn small?

R. Cutts zei

haha there will never be enough of these..

Minecraftblogger zei

I love these kinds of comics (":

whatsup zei

hilarious, wish I was high when I read this though

AllenTesch zei

Haha, these are so, so true.