zondag 13 maart 2011

Smoke weed errrday

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Erika zei

hahaha Love it. XD


Marc zei


Found on the Internet Today zei

First one is the best.

skinned sheep zei

haha yeah cant do anything in that situation.

they can do things to your food..

amBored zei

reality check :D

Dazxz zei


HurdyG zei

Wish I could man! One of the downsides of working at a church that drug tests...

tearinox zei

nice haha

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David zei

i save all of these damn comics i see, love em.

~Fabi zei


What's going on in the world? zei

It's not often a picture makes me lol, but the first one... Damn haha, followed :)

Adam Weishaupt zei

These guys are great! :)


I love stoner comics. Always make me lol

ERIK zei