vrijdag 1 april 2011

How Ronald Reagon Created Gangsta Rap

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JapRoulette zei

haha im not sure if i should believ this! skeptical :P

Jay.CA zei

looks complicated, wish the text was bigger.

Westus zei

Haha pretty funny picture, keep them coming man!

Kevings zei

The text is a bit too small, but it seems quite funny :d

Siggy Smalls zei

haha awesome! new follower, loving the blogs, keep it up man. check my blog out!

TheGeneral zei

Hahah, inventive flow charts are great.

GroundZero zei

haha funny!

Fishy Corporation zei

If this is true im getting scared, dont think it is though

Patti D. zei

wow, someone has lots of spare time.

NHM zei

wow, it's messy but when you find it out it's really awesome

Waywardly zei

Ronald Regan created everything. The end.

oops.i.pood zei

for the amount of work put into that diagram, i now accept it as fact.

Not a Troll zei

Hahahaha, this is great! Added.

Insider33 zei

The guy who made that flowchart deserves a medal.

Choms1337 zei

I lold, nice blog :D Followed :)

Come At Me Bro zei

This is great!

TheHarvester zei

thx ronald... you created something great there!

followed you!

Anita Johnson zei

Seriously eh? Hhaa that's so funny!

doomsday zei

wtf, this made me ROFL

KrillKrones zei

hahahha, so great!

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

ok, that took a while..

Secrets zei

very funny. flw

Quetopia zei

Thanks for this!

tango-down zei

funny guy

Andrew zei

Very detailed flowchart. Imma show it around!

genericman zei

i liked it! following you now :)

Mike G zei

HAHAHA oh my... That is great! Glad I followed you!

Lovicten zei

freaking ROFL