vrijdag 29 april 2011

Oh Spiderman 3

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James zei

very random, but funny haha

sp3nny zei

great blog, really funny!

Anoniem zei

Good question ... what happened to Spiderman's suit? The embroidery shrink in the wash or something?

Alpha zei

I enjoy these immensely.

Lealeepo zei

haha when I need to laugh I know where I have to go. Thanks that one was pretty funny!

Dave zei

Great pics.Great blog.

kxxthanxx zei

cool stuff, keep it coming!

Anoniem zei

Haha, I love these spiderman pics; keep them coming :>

Titan of 2012 zei

Spiderman ftw!

Jay Reid zei

You're posting meme shit dude...

Electric Addict zei

haha the last one is pretty funny

polyesterr zei

some nice pics :P

Shabondama zei

Spiderman rules xDD

James Lyndon zei

Lol these are great! :D

Canty zei

this raises the most important question of all..how indeed, do I shot web?

Canty zei

how do I shot web?

Vilvos zei

banana! lol

Birchris zei

Good pics man

Nom de Plume zei

These make me lol WAY more than they should!

Lux zei

Banana! aaaargh, banana!

Dave zei

I like these. Great post.

=dgrphx= zei

he looks like a clansmen in that third picture

Michelangelo zei

That was priceless! :D

Quetopia zei

Thanks for my after work laugh, great post!

Pony zei

Good stuff. Keep it coming.

Xenototh zei

Don't forget, the safety word is.. banana. Lol.

RandomDude zei

Haha, great! Keep it up!

Leo` zei

Cool. Quite like dogs.

Leo` zei

great post. Following.

Mike zei

Man I love spiderman captions.