zaterdag 2 april 2011

Informational Week 5

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Kboy71 zei

Finally! Ive been w8ting for some box art

teck1237 zei

Interesting information, I like it. +Following.

TheKing zei

Those look pretty cool!

Curtis zei

Ceiling cat!! I am so making a few of these and putting them up at my work!!

AllenTesch zei

Haha, I'm actually looking at the pedobear one I made right now.

Dnoop zei

That cat one would probably scare me

protectyourcomp! zei

Hah, those are pretty cool! Followed, keep 'em coming ;).

Vexu zei

looks awesome, thx for sharing :)

not2badreview zei

So cool xD I want to make all of these xD Anything else similar to this? want more!

Insider33 zei

At first I thought that those were Minecraft sprites lol.

Michael zei

Too bad I don't have color printer:/

Sacrilicious zei

I am *so* makinf ceiling cat xD

TheStamos zei

damn thats pretty fricking cool! i need to get some better paper!

Joubz zei

hahaha excellent, following!

Choms1337 zei

omg I must print it :D

blaza1 zei

wow this looks awesome! :D nice post, following and supporting!

Blair zei

OMG, that looks so cool

+ Following

Quetopia zei

I love this, thanks for the info!

KrillKrones zei

Gotta love ceiling cat, what a classic!

Alpha zei

That ceiling cat looks mighty fine for sneaking into my roommate's room...

Fishy Corporation zei

Haha cool, printing those out :D

Lord Phrozen zei

OMG! These papercrafts are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

TheGeneral zei

Wow, they look great.

GoGoGoViral zei

Awesome bro, followed!

NHM zei

LOL at the ceiling cat one! I once had such paper figure of Hitler (Don't know why exactly him...), but these are much nicer than him!

genericman zei

WOW! that was nice . I saved the pictures!

MrChris zei

Haha these are awesome, I must try these one day!

frameaj1 zei

haha this is cool!

blaza1 zei

wow these look soo cool! :) great blog man, following and supporting!

amBored zei

seriously LOL

Minecraftblogger zei

HAHAHA, I'm gonna hang these around my school. Thank you ^^

Rancor zei

haha, thats so cool :) following

doomsday zei

Good god, these are awesome, LMAO!!!!!

Legit zei

Haha, pretty cool!

T. Roger Thomas zei

I used to have a Pirate. Pedobear would be cool to have.