woensdag 13 april 2011

The Face

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LoreBlogger zei

haha these are great

R.C zei

You should show the clip that started it all. That guy is a master.

Insider33 zei

That's like a serious version of the cool face.

Kboy71 zei

i lold

Quetopia zei

Good stuff.

Alpha zei

Evangelion fit perfectly.

T. Roger Thomas zei


Claude zei

hahaha damn, I can imagine so many situations that this face is called for!

**Hype.Planet** zei

Love them!

modernb zei

I love these things :D

Ill zei

hahaha nice work man, great comics

consuela bananahammoc zei

That's the face.

Mr. Dough zei

Remarkably well done.

Anoniem zei

lmaoo very amusing