vrijdag 22 april 2011

Portal 2 Backgrounds

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Akio zei

Wow, I am definitely picking this up now. Looks wonderful.

Alpha zei

Oh Portal, your sense of humor never fails to amuse.

Claude zei

Oh how I love the singing turrets :)

zepdragon zei

Lol, can't wait to play this. Following lol

R.C zei

Nice ones! Still need to play the game myself though...

Erika zei

Great backgrounds!

Marian zei


Insider33 zei

Portal 2 has so much amazing small touches in it.

T. Roger Thomas zei

Cool backgrounds

Craftsie zei

Hahaha, "This is art." Love it.

H A R R Y G O A Z zei

Happy Easter!

Jay Reid zei

Just completed portal 2 ;)

NovaSixx zei

I'm getting these. haha. following for moar.