dinsdag 12 april 2011

Things you 100% want

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Patti D. zei

wow, you are right, I want them ALL!!!!

Anoniem zei

I have to say that's probably the most epic table I ever seen

Claude zei

Argh my god! Those are all so awesome. I've actually been looking for a pocket tool that can do stuff like the second image. All the other stuff looks damn awesome too!

The only things I don't 110% want are the table (amazing idea though) and the underwater viewer boat thing (another amazing idea)

Anoniem zei

Wowo I love that knife wehere can you buy this stuff?

Byakuya zei

That knife is so cool, I think I could afford one too =D

Keep up the good work, I love reading your posts!

Erick Ramírez zei

I want the table

Fred Rickerson zei

LOL at the club and shield!

GoGoGoViral zei

I want all of that.

SOMS zei

that knife?? how does it show on xrays?

amBored zei

awesome ideas like that shield one the most

R.C zei

Armadillo backpack is amazing....simply amazing.

AllenTesch zei

I want that table. Nice discussion piece.

Alpha zei

Do want submersible.

Not a Troll zei

Please please PLEASE link us to those items. I'm way into the tool card and the backpack, specifically.

T. Roger Thomas zei

I like that backpack a lot.

NHM zei

the last one! what is that? want it!

What's going on in the world? zei

The bottom one looks so damn awesome!

Minecraftblogger zei

I agree with 'not a troll'. I want this :D

Fishy Corporation zei

haha nice stuff, I want those!

Kanika Bishnoi zei

I seriously want em all...!

xdragonxb0i zei

i want that coffee table!!