maandag 18 april 2011


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Anoniem zei

ROFL awesome rage comics, the last line is classic

amBored zei

break down xD!

AllenTesch zei

Brother Husbands got me.

Alpha zei

Always break down, not up.

T. Roger Thomas zei

Break for station identification:

GoGoGoViral zei

Always with the coolface.jpg

awtchi zei

Break down !!! xD

Nutty C zei

Haha I like it

Jack zei

ahahahha that's hilarious! Great blog btw, following (:

Skeng zei

LOL those were pretty funny

Ronald zei


1HipHopBlog zei

Pretty much made my day, keep up the work!

Idea Comics zei

Haha, good for a chuckle :D

Anonfourtwenty zei

Haha, great comics. I love the last one.


Jay Reid zei

Haha love them!

THDQ zei

I love the last one, puns are underrated

Sean zei

Nice comics. Followed for more

Marian zei

sandals with socks is indeed trolling

ed zei

i also wanna break down

Naxorrø zei

dunno this speech x.x

taio zei

funy blog

Not a Troll zei

I have watched a female friend of mine try and put a spare on backwards. The effort of not laughing almost killed me.

biboa zei

they are awesome! thanks for sharing!

Anoniem zei

Hahaha nice pics, made me lol

Anoniem zei

hahah great pics, made me lol!

Yorkie Love zei

Spare tire and socks/sandals killed me! Haha, hella funny!

Following and supporting!

Yorkie Love

Jay Reid zei

Just seen this again, and the raving one still makes me laugh!


The SOCKS with SANDALS one is one of my favourites.

GoldenSun01 zei

Haha I love it.

Keine Scheisse zei

Funny ones. Still laughing

Nom de Plume zei

lol! A few I haven't seen before there!