zaterdag 9 april 2011

Informational Week 6 (FINAL)

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Wayward Disposition zei

The man purse is a good one. :D I think I'll use that.

Nico De zei

cool post dude! aweosme blog.

Erika zei

Well, those are.... different.
To infopix I usually come across.

Helpful stuff!

consuela bananahammoc zei

Nice! so cool :D

Alpha zei

That harness looks badass.

GoGoGoViral zei

Awesome tips.

TheStamos zei

good info with the virus protection. I currently dont have and this pointed me in the right direction.

JapRoulette zei

Man purse is awesome hehe!

Discovery Underground zei

The man purse looks a bit creative, so I like it!

modernb zei

Interesting stuff on knives, and good to know about antiviruses; I've been getting annoyed with AVG for a while now xD

SOMS zei

yep the purse is nice

Zieli zei

cool info!!! keep it coming!!

Kboy71 zei

i like the nuka cola really cool!

gman zei

the nuka cola one made me laugh

Raving It Tech zei

Nice post but I don't agree with the antivirus one entirely.

They lump a bunch of pay for antivirus together and claim they all slow down the systems, that is not entirely true, especially with Kaspersky, I have been using it for years and the impact from it on systems has always been minimal.

Anoniem zei

haha anti-virus programs never work just following those tips will never get you a virus :D

NHM zei

wow, these are deadly!

Patti D. zei

Very interesting! thanks for the post