vrijdag 15 april 2011

Gran Turismo 5 - My cars in game.

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Mike zei

These are some sexy cars.

gamefreak3335 zei


Alpha zei


Anoniem zei

It would be awesome to have these in real life :D

Insider33 zei

Look almost like real cars, wow.

unevenlove zei

Very nice cars. (y)

T. Roger Thomas zei

I bet I wouldn't fit in these cars.

Living cheap zei

nice, thought they were real

TheJanitor zei

Nice cars man!

KrillKrones zei

These are beautiful!!!

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) zei

Very nice! Need a BMW too! :D

Clint Mullins zei

I don't really like racing games but those GRAPHICS are amazing. Last series I liked was burnout before they went open world. Hot pursuit is okay though.

kintum zei


Lost.in.Idaho zei

Love that Gion. I still need to get the newest GT.

Raving It Tech zei

Dan, what I would do to get behind the wheel of one of those!

strokeheroes zei

wow, i wish I had one of these in real life

KatoFinance zei

I have like three or four of the red one there lol!!

Please follow my blog!


Anoniem zei

very nice indeed!

123mikeyd123 zei

nice cars man

THDQ zei

pretty things...