dinsdag 5 april 2011

Damn son what happened

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R.C zei

OH GOD NO NOT MMA SEAGULLS! That's not a world I want to see!

Bloodysign zei

Love the one with the skateboard.

Claude zei

God that's just creepy! However, I like it, it's well done.

Fishy Corporation zei

Famn this looks real haha!

amBored zei

that last one just LOL

consuela bananahammoc zei

Is this shopped?

SOMS zei

yea i wonder if this is shopped?

Mr. Bradford zei

Those bird pictures always kind of weird me out...but still funny!

oops.i.pood zei

this almost justifies my irrational fear of birds.

NHM zei

I think it might be shopped

Waywardly zei

This is shopped. I'm a master of shopping. You can tell by the pixels. Seriously. Its shopped.

Alpha zei

3rd is most terrifying bird.

Minecraftblogger zei

hahaha, I love pics like these ^^

AllenTesch zei

That's kinda creepy! lol

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

haha. great post!

modernb zei

Haha these are well done, but freaky!

Raving It Tech zei

My mom raises birds, this will forever haunt me when I go there now. Thanks.

Lord Phrozen zei

Funny and a bit creepy. I like the cats better.

T. Roger Thomas zei

Shouldn't the skateboarder be a Tony Hawk?

Zieli zei

great birdman motif