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Fallout 3 Facts

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LOL so true.

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hahaha love these! +follow

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ahah so true

Alpha zei

Love the lab coat one.

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the 4th =lolz

Gionni zei

I love fallout 3, nice pics!Following. ^^

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last one is hilarious xD

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Lol'd at the last one

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sweet! i love fallout

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Really good post. Follow.

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LOL This is so true!

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Those are quite funny!

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hahaha gave me a good laugh was playing the game the other day, so true! followed

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Haha these aren't half bad!

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Haha, that's so true!

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Fallout is awesome!

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haha those made me laugh :')

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I need some views :)

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lol ^^

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Very funny and so frustratingly true!

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They need to put in some better intelligence for enemies.. maybe 10 years away.

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Oh these are gold, I love the last one, so true!

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Sad part is these images are so true.

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Hilarious stuff, completely true

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Love the raider with bat comment... so true!

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Heh, that game is a bit stupid in places like those.

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LOL! nice pics :)

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Hahahaha very true, anyone that plays fallout 3 have total understanding about all these pictures!

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Let's talk about something else, BYE

That's hilarious, man. Check out my blog, I will probably talk about fallout when I hit my blog about gaming.

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Another very funny blog post

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haha! Thats great. Havent played New Vegas yet

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lol games aren't supposed to be realistic! :D

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nice pics :3
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ahhahahaha awesome meme
followed ;)

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lol i didn't know about this meme, i should look more of them up

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Bahahah yep. Fallout is awesome though.