dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Paranoid Parrot.

If this goes good as the last one i will post more :D

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Erika zei

omg Paranoid Parrot is me!!


Nom de Plume zei

Hahaha... my favourite was the last one!

kxxthanxx zei

love it!

RandomDude zei

I like the 2nd one, keep it up! :D

Alpha zei


Dave zei

Parrots lol. following.

Anoniem zei


Lunarchy zei

Paranoid Parrot is awesome. One of my favorites!

Rachel zei

Hahaha totally relevant. Awesome blog. following you. :)

T. Roger Thomas zei

Haha- I like these.

Megan zei

Hehehe, love the blog. Following!

Mysterious Stranger zei

Lol. I've done the page turning one but I always turned the page REALLY slowly.

Patti D. zei

haha, wow, how did you find this?

cadexn zei

Another great post, very funny! thanks for the share

randomer zei

Excellent! The paranoid parrot knows what's up.

Sean zei

I do the page turning one.

Xenototh zei

I've never had the page turn thing happen to me. Nooo, never....

mistafiddy4 zei

Haha, paranoid parrot.
Followed for more.

Leo` zei

ahahahaha that parrot speaks truth

Teen Book Reviewer zei

This is ridiculous. I love it. Please make more!

NoXous zei