dinsdag 24 mei 2011


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Crooked Letter zei

lol. halo meme?

Alpha zei

Hate being killed while reloading...

Louis Ritchie zei

decent, nothing too special. Then again, I don't play Halo 3 anymore, so maybe the scene has changed.

Anoniem zei

Lol I hear this type of talk a lot in Counter-strike!

omgigotnickedforprotesting zei

About time there was some HALO funnies.

Claude zei

Sounds exactly like every other multiplayer xbox game, children :\

kxxthanxx zei


Insider33 zei

I don't think Halo fits in all of those.

Jetah zei

You've got an excuse for everything Spartan.

Dave zei

Halo Rocks.

phosports zei

hate getting killed by hackers

liquidelle zei

those are fun. :)

adss zei

hate getting killed full stop

randomer zei

This type of player has been around since Doom.

Nom de Plume zei

lol this is how I play :P