vrijdag 20 mei 2011


Today i went to school and saw these paper with those faces.

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Jay Reid zei

That's quite funny, they are memes or something right? Weird.

Nutty C zei

Ewww memes in a school

Hadders93 zei

They're internet memes I guess, or something along those lines. Not very well drawn though!

Erika zei

It was you, wasn't it....


T. Roger Thomas zei

Same thing at high school north of San Diego

randomer zei

Oh no, the internets are spilling out into the real world, who will stop it?!

Whitelight zei

Hahahah! :)

Dave zei

Yeah really weird.

kxxthanxx zei

FA looks rubbish!


And nope it wasn't me i would said and post it with title ''Look what i did'', :D :D

Quetopia zei

Those are weird drawings. I wonder who the douche that put em up was.

Anoniem zei

find who's doing it, slash their tires. Its up to you man

Football Fan's news and banter zei

school memes... 1&2!!!

Alpha zei

The invasion has begun!

Esmeraldo Petrarca zei

well that's strange!

Anonwadi zei

lol nice. :P
it's spreading...

Anoniem zei

This is relevant to my interests

Harry Mason zei

Jesus christ, how horrible

Science zei

Disappointing they can't draw. Awful drawings, those are.

Fortune zei

At school? ...sigh. Kids these days

bentyl zei

hahaha, memes in print!

Grant zei


thomau5 zei

Haha what weird drawings!

Siiig zei

Oh wow, haha. Highschool?

omgigotnickedforprotesting zei

LMAO I love these look like something by aleksandr zograf

Broccoli zei

I wish these would have popped up around my school. Would have made my day. Ha

amBored zei

I saw what you did there :D

Michelangelo zei

Aahaha, awesome!

Louis Ritchie zei

25 reacties? That almost made me laugh more than the drawings

Cool blog man

Anoniem zei

School :|

The Writer zei

the internet has made it to the outside world god help us all XD

PaulPolish zei

Getting out of control honestly

LadyS zei

Hehe I had those internet memes in my school corridors as well for a while. It's a good pick me up after an exam!

Ivan o bromeros zei

nice blog for my morning cofee

n0kS Phr33d0m zei

Yeah it's funny though.

charlie tuna zei

haha weird.

phosports zei

hahaha lol

Intraman zei

internet memes in high school? oh well...

Daniel zei


Jandro zei

pfffft...... no one seems to be inspired to post stuff around here in my college campus. The best we got was when portal originally came out and someone posted an aperture science poster with the number to steam lol.

Ivan o bromeros zei

troll the world!


funny to see this at school lol

Oivvad zei

Yeah, nothing like this goes up around UK places. Internet memes are pretty cool either way.

Crooked Letter zei

what is this?

Football Fan's news and banter zei

Oh dear memes at school, hahaha

Manuel Posadas zei

it's semi funny

Ghost Of Swayze zei

lol nice

Stephen zei

Those are peculiar drawings. Did you find out who drew them?

Stidwack zei

hahaha so funny