vrijdag 27 mei 2011

OCD Otter

11 reacties:

Intraman zei

loved the last one!

Patti D. zei

haha, those are great!

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Xenototh zei

Hmm, amusing, but there is more potential!

Alpha zei

I think we're all a little OCD, at times.

Dave zei

What a lovely Otter.

kxxthanxx zei

shit this is me! i must have ocd...

AllenTesch zei

I do the door lock thing, and making sure things are turned off/unplugged thing.

Erika zei

You mean we all don't think like this???

Crooked Letter zei

these arent as funny as they could have been.

T. Roger Thomas zei

A gardening glove when changing a bulb would provide a great deal of protection against both heat and the possibility of broken glass

Nom de Plume zei

haha I've never seen this little guy before