dinsdag 10 mei 2011


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Nom de Plume zei

Not the best I've seen but I lolled at a couple of them.

randomer zei

That's one contemplative dino!

Alpha zei

Last one made me chuckle.

Erika zei

All funny but that last one took me by surprise. CRACKED UP, I DID!! hahahahaha

T. Roger Thomas zei

Which seat indeed

Dave zei

The World is defo ending in 2012 so Im going to sell my house just before then so as not to lose out on house price rises lol.

Xenototh zei

Clearly, the best things in life are not possible is the answer!

Skeng zei

These always make me laugh. Some of them are quite philosophical in their own way

Quetopia zei

These are great, I needed a good laugh.

Insider33 zei

Philosoraptor always asks the important questions lol :D


I love this philosophic stuff!

Patti D. zei

he is awesome!!!

Anoniem zei

hahaa so funny

Jetah zei

Haha, very funny.

Whitelight zei

Good post :D

Jay Reid zei

I love PR

CounterCulture zei

Funny pics :D

slash971 zei

I love that dinosaur-thingy

bentyl zei

your headlights would work

mindph zei

I like the last one