woensdag 18 mei 2011

Bachelor frog

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AllenTesch zei

These always strike so close to home.

Erika zei

Meh. Seen better. I am ultimate bachlorette frog.

"Can't be bothered to clean plates? Use the food packaging."

^ Me all over.

Thought Comics zei

I like the shower one. Feels familiar.

Alpha zei


Patti D. zei

he is crazy and funny, nice post.

kxxthanxx zei


Insider33 zei

I can relate to the last one haha.

randomer zei

The most interesting frog in the world.

mindph zei


Garret zei

Not the best bachelor frogs on the web, but still cool :p

Ragnarök zei


Grant zei

fbf ftw

The Writer zei

Always spot on :( XD

Santa Is Drowning zei

wow :/ This is true

Dave zei

What a frog lol.

LadyS zei

This may be because I'm tired but I laughed so hard at the frogs face. Hilarious.

Nao zei

Buy a computer
Get a free xbox 360

Anonwadi zei

All sins forgotten. haha. :D

Volturno Caravaggio zei

haha, love bachelor frog! :D

Benji Radman zei

i love these :)

T. Roger Thomas zei

Friend comes over

Open Internet Explorer and tell her/him not to use anything else

TalkDaily zei

Most famous frog ever

heefal zei

'take a shower'
damn i love it

Broccoli zei

These are always so true. I read them an then think "Damn it, I do that." Ha.

Sa itte Miyo zei

jepp thats my bachelor frog!

arsenal1first zei

lool very funny !