zondag 8 mei 2011


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Nom de Plume zei

lol so true!

Leo` zei

hmmm i liked San Andreas' better...

LadyS zei

Lol xD

Teen Book Reviewer zei

Awesome. What font do you use?

Electric Addict zei

haha hilarious

Fred Rickerson zei

Saved the second one, Gta 4 was awesome!

Insider33 zei

Video game logic is usually pretty dumb if you think too much into it. Second pic made me smirk :).

Alpha zei

A realistic inner-city hot dog would deduct health, not add it. : P

Genj0 zei

fun ones heh

i.Mo zei

GTA vice city is still the best :)
nice blog. followed


Jay Reid zei

Hey, it's your cousin, Roman. Wanna go bowling?

Dave zei

That was awesome lol.

T. Roger Thomas zei

Good ones!

Lunarchy zei

I laughed, thanks for these!

Anoniem zei

Hahaha, never played this one

ThirtySeven zei

Ohhhh man, these are intense. I wish everyone got the Raptor-Rebecca Black reference. But these GTA panels are even better. Great stuff!